Tripod Shepherd Gets Some Wheels
When Tre-Joe was found wandering the streets after a Livermore hit-and-run, things looked grim. He was "malnourished and scrawny," lost a leg, and his guardians (to this day) wouldn't come forward. But, as Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue's Rob Holloway tells the Chron, after a fundraiser got TJ a "doggie wheelchair," he's become "a healthy and happy young dog who is ready for adoption." (Can I just tell you that I share custody of a three legged dog, and that they rock? Because they do.) If you want to try a tripod adventure, here's Tre-Joe's adoption page.

[Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue]

Stolen dog returned to shelter
Everyone was worried after Jamie, a Golden Retriever Poodle mix, was swiped from The Milo Foundation's shelter during "a particularly hectic Saturday afternoon."

Then a woman who had bought Jamie "saw the news about her," got in touch with the shelter and, best of all, is now in the process of legitimately adopting her. Who doesn't love a happy ending?

[Milo Foundation/FB]


Newts having trouble hooking up
ABC7 went to Berkeley to catch some newt porn footage, but were unsuccessful. The reason may surprise you! Just kidding, it won't. All the dry weather we've had as of late had put a cramp in the style of Bay Area newts, who need wet weather to breed. The Berkeley Hills' South Park Drive is typically closed during newt mating season to keep drivers from running over those locked in an amphibious embrace. Officials say that if more rain arrives to extend newt hookup season, the road could remain closed to accommodate additional amplexus.


Barn owl down, but not out
When a barn owl was reported "standing on the dirt shoulder" of a road near San Juan Bautista "leaning forward, with its head down," Wildlife Emergency Services swooped in to help. The above video shows just how WES's Deanna Barth was able to scoop up the owl without scaring it into traffic.


Hero dog saves asphyxiating owner
Speaking of rescued German Shepherds, here's Max, who knew that his elderly guardian had been overcome by natural gas and carbon monoxide and dragged the unconscious man "out of bed by his arm and down a hallway," likely saving his life in the process.

“I’d be dead,” the man Max saved told KPIX. “He saved my life."


And finally, here's a video of the SF Zoo's baby giraffe running around

Photo of Jamie: Milo Foundation