Not a euphemism! On his latest crusade, golden voiced local newsman and arbiter of good etiquette Stanley Roberts is wagging his finger at off-leash dogs in Golden Gate Park. Despite his tough exterior, Stanley has a soft spot for tree-dwelling rodents it seems. Which brings us this lovely Stanleyism: "When I was a kid, I used to have a pet squirrel," Stanley says. "In fact, I named him Squirrel, because, well... what else would you call him?"

Stanley's poetry aside, we can't help but wonder if the man who gave us ranting Elmo Shirt guy, Bay to Breakers voyeurism and this dude whacking it in Dolores Park is starting to get a little hard up for material.

Update: Stanley writes in to let us know, "No I'm not running out of things to cover. It was a viewer request." Good to hear!