Update: According to Andrew Garfield, the Oscars are to blame for crushing the hopes of Batkid.

"The reps say Garfield DID contribute to the presentation script, but he had nothing to do with the segment getting yanked from the broadcast," reports TMZ. "They say Garfield and Scott did the dress rehearsal Saturday without a hitch -- it was a real tearjerker too -- but hours later, Garfield was informed via email that the piece didn't fit with the tone of the show ... and therefore had to be cut."

Garfield was so crestfallen about it that he joined Miles to Disneyland on Monday "and even conducted a mini Oscars ceremony in Scott's hotel room." (See for yourself.)

A segment that was planned for last Sunday's Oscar broadcast featuring Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield and Batkid (AKA Miles Scott) got pulled at the last minute, apparently, because Garfield is a jerk.

As the NY Post's Page Six reports, Garfield stormed out of a dress rehearsal after he wasn't happy with the lines he was given to read and after the producers scolded him for ad-libbing. The premise was a "superhero initiation" for young Miles, likely to be paired with what became that non-sequitor "heros"-themed montage, and they brought in Captain America Chris Evans to sub for Garfield as a presenter.

Miles had his tuxedo all ready and his family attended the dress rehearsal with him on Saturday, but on Sunday they were told that his segment had been yanked. They were given tickets to Disneyland instead.

Batkid, of course, won the hearts of San Francisco and the nation (but not Eric Mar) last November, and he remains afflicted with leukemia.

Garfield's reps obviously tried to spin the incident to the Hollywood Reporter saying the segment "just didn't gel," but Miles's mom, Natalie Scott, went blabbing to the press saying, "It got pulled so quickly that we didn’t have a lot of insight into what was going on."

Please expect the PR-crafted apology to arrive shortly.

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