Yesterday afternoon, a man in his twenties wearing shorts was pulled out of an enclosed drywall facade just outside the lobby of 55 Hawthorne Street in SoMa. It's always the guys in shorts who can't explain how they got there, isn't it?

According to KGO Radio correspondent John Lobertini, who was on the scene because it happened to be in his office building lobby, San Francisco firefighters had to wield sledge hammers to break the poor guy free. The property manager and the security guard on duty declined to offer any explanation for how he ended up inside the wall. KGO reports that the man, who was described as "young guy, probably mid-20s, wearing shorts, nice shoes" was believed to be overheard shouting for food and water.

He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital by ambulance. And aside from KGO's in-building reports, there are no other records of the man in the wall.

Anyhow, if you want to be my sledge hammer, this will be my testimony: