Continuing with San Francisco's unyielding love of reclaimed wood, Twitter will install log cabins at their Mid-Market headquarters. Two homestead cabins, dating back to the late 1800s, will soon become a place where employees can hang out, eat, and reenact favorite scenes from The Evil Dead.

"You can see the hand of the original craftsmen who built them," Olle Lundberg of Lundberg Design, the firm that helped hone the tech company's forest-themed decor, tells Marin Independent Journal. "It's kind of cool that cabins that were built sometime in the 1800s have now reappeared. The guys who built them are long dead, of course, but are sort of still here. I kind of like that."

The old cabins were put up for sale on Craigslist by Novato contractor Karl Beckmann, who scored them from ranches in several Montana towns, which is where Lundberg found them.

For Beckmann, owner of Beckmann Engineering and Design and Beckmann Construction in Novato, the story of the cabins began several years ago, when he was approached about buying them from someone in Montana who learned of the company's sideline business in salvaged wood. That's when Beckmann put the ad for them on Craigslist, thinking that nothing would come of it until Lundberg, who had filed the ad away on the off chance he might need some old log cabins some day, finally answered it last summer.

"At first I was concerned it was a scam," Beckmann said. "How often does it happen that you get a call to install two log cabins inside a building? This is a once-in-a-lifetime-type job."

Once he was convinced that Lundberg was for real, he had the cabins taken apart in Montana and shipped to a company yard in Vallejo, where they were put back together. When some of the logs turned out to be too rotten to reuse, new ones were milled on the site out of the same kind of lodge pole pine as the originals.

The cabins were then taken apart again and trucked to Twitter's new office on three floors of 1355 Market St., in what has been a seedy downtown area known as the "Mid-Market" neighborhood.

Twitter, who moved into the art deco Western Furniture Exchange and Merchandise Mart building on Mid-Market amid some controversy, hopes their use of reclaimed wood will help "humanize" the company to anti-tech zealots.

You can buy a great piece of design like an iPhone," Jim Prosser, PR for Twitter, told Marin IJ. "And yet that doesn't in any way define us. But when you have these one-of-a-kind things, they really do begin to say who you are. And hopefully this does that for Twitter, that it makes them a little different than any other tech company."

The social media company's (admittedly gorgeous) headquarters already feature an artisan food court, yoga studio, rooftop garden, beer bar, and an arcade. And now, however indirectly, they will pay homage to the horror genre with old cabins to remind them of Friday the 13th, Cabin in the Woods, Wrong Turn, Pumpkin Head, and The Evil Dead. (Genius.)

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