The gap between the costs to attend college in San Francisco just got a little wider last week, when the University of San Francisco announced that their tuition at the school will hit a new high. How does the private school's costs compare with San Francisco's other institutions of higher learning? Let's find out...

USF's Foghorn newspaper reported Wednesday that full time undergrads will be paying $40,996 per year to attend the school. Want to live on campus? That'll be $8,950 a year to share a double room. A meal plan is an additional $4,370 a year, making for a total of about $13,320 a year. You can see a schedule of all their fees here.

That means that a student at the private, Jesuit-run institution who doesn't receive any grants or scholarships could end paying at least $163,894 for their undergrad degree, in tuition alone. Add in what you're going to pay for housing, which might actually be more pricey off campus than on, and you could end up with a BA or BS with a $215,000 price tag.

Comparatively, as part of the public California State University System, a student at SF State (or any other CSU school) will pay $5,472 in tuition per year. Students who aren't California state residents will pay an additional $372 per class unit. Every semester, students are charged about $500 in additional fees, you can see their fee schedule here. If you want to live and eat in a dorm, combined housing and meal plans will run you around $11,384 annually, with many options to choose from.

So an SF State student who makes it out in four years will be paying somewhere in the ballpark of $26,000 for tuition and fees. Factor in the occasional meal and a place to live, and the price tag for your SF State degree will hit $71,536.

Yes, it's comparing apples to solid-gold oranges, but we'd be remiss if we didn't consider, even briefly, our beleaguered City College of San Francisco. No, you won't be able to get a bachelor's degree there, but it's still a solid place to learn things. At CCSF, you pay $46 per semester per unit for classes (plus an additional $203 per unit if you're not a CA resident), and an additional $23/semester in fees. If you take a traditional "full load" of 24 units per year, that means CCSF will cost you $1,104 a year.