In Pittsburg, Calif. 52-year-old Joseph Mosis was arrested last week after he tried to hire a hitman to break a former employee's legs, and "cut off his penis and tongue." Mosis allegedly wanted the other man to suffer after his business, which specializes in making portable sinks, was ordered to pay out $4,500 in a back pay settlement.

The intended victim had just moved to the Bay Area from the East Coast when Mosis agreed to give the man a job at his company Monsam Enterprises and let him sleep at the business. According to the Contra Costa Times, Mosis was doing a favor for another member of the local Egyptian community. At some point, however, the relationship went sour and Mosis fired the man. Last summer, records show a man filed a claim alleging Mosis owed $10,500 for more than 500 hours of overtime.

The case was later settled for less than half of the claim, but Mosis apparently held a grudge and started talking to another employee about hiring an enforcer to exact his revenge. The other employee, being a reasonable person, didn't want to see anyone get hurt and reported the case to local authorities.

When Mosis thought he was having a clandestine meeting with a hitman, he was actually in an unmarked police car being recorded. The fake enforcer presented Mosis with what prosecutors called a "menu of hurting options," from which the portable sink magnate and owner of selected the options "to break a leg or two, cut off his penis and cut off his tongue." Mosis agreed to pay $2,000 to have those services rendered and provided the undercover cop/enforcer with a photo of the target and his phone number.

With evidence in hand, authorities arrested Mosis after a search of his home and business. He is currently in jail in Martinez on $1.5 million bail. He has been charged with one count of attempted aggravated mayhem and faces up to nine years in prison for trying to hire a guy to cut someone's dick off.

Although the local media couldn't reach anyone for comment, a quote from Mosis on Monsam's website asks, "Why kill a tree to build a portable sink?"

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