BART's ridership is higher than ever, with a record number 400,000 trips being made on most days (that is, when their trains aren't dangling off the tracks). That's why, they say, they thought it was a good time to release their "Crowded Car Survival Guide."

Will you learn anything from this video? Probably not. (These two won't.) But, then again, it seems like lots of people who are riding BART are unaware of normal, common sense behaviors like "let people get off the train instead of running over them as you rush into the train" and "put your damn backpack on the floor, don't keep it on, you mook." So maybe if they reach just one person, it will all be worth it.

Sadly, the video fails to mention how toasty 230 of BART's cars can get, due to their elderly heating and air conditioning systems and poorly functioning temperature sensors. But then again, we're talking "survival," not "sweat management." So maybe those hot cars are the least of their worries.

"We know that trains can get a little crowded," the duo hosting the video says. "New trains are on the way, but until they arrive, common courtesy can help to make everyone's ride a little easier."

Those new trains are expected to arrive in 2017. So make sure to stock up on common courtesy, as you have a more than a couple of years before the new trains come and you can apparently go back to acting like a total jackass.

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