A 53-year-old woman from Martinez, Calif. was arrested Sunday evening after calling police to confess that she had killed her own mother. Police arrived at the home Christy Lee Southwick shared with her 74-year-old mother LaJean Southwick to find the older woman dead.

According to neighbors, the Southwick family did not have a very good relationship recently. The home on Azalea Avenue was falling apart and boarded up with cardboard and duct tape, and they could often hear yelling and shouting coming from the home. It's unclear whether the elder Southwick was being cared for although she was often spotted in a wheelchair.

The younger Southwick was also known around the neighborhood for some erratic behavior. She was a defendant in six civil suits from 1993-2003 and a neighbor once watched as Christy Southwick dismantled the entire front deck around their house at one in the morning.

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