Filmmaker Beto "Mooncricket" Lopez flew his "quadcopter" (a type of drone) over Friday night's massive Valentine's Day pillow fight, and it's kind of amazing.

"Watch one of the guys on the bottom left looking at my quadcopter" Lopez says, "and then trying to throw a pillow at it." Sorry, guy, you missed!

Also, what a mess, right? According to the San Francisco Department of Public Works, "Our crew worked til 4 a.m. to clean up the mounds of feathers from V Day pillow fight at Justin Herman Plaza."

Cleanup costs for the annual event are estimated at around $4,300 each year, but the DPW takes it in stride. As DPW spokesperson Rachel Gordon says, “this has become a San Francisco event...people have a lot of fun with it.”

Can't get enough pillow fight video action? Here's another one (this one taken from the ground) from kevinsyoza.

[Lopez's YouTube channel]
[kevinsyoza's YouTube channel]
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