Noted San Francisco eccentric Frank Chu sat down with the Internet on Friday to answer some long-burning questions about... well, about pretty much anything, really. Frank covered topics ranging from the origin of the 12 galaxies, shoe shopping, his intergalactic acting career, and the best place to grab a drink after a long day of protesting. Here now, a condensed version of Frank Chu's Reddit Ask Me Anything event:

Right off the bat, one user asked, "Can you list the 12 Galaxies for us?" Frank's response listed only nine:

Frank_Chu: The Quintronic Society Quadronic Rocket Society Tetratronic Space Vacations Betatronic Flying Saucers The Alphatronic Rocket Vacations Asteroid Society Android Planets Humanoid Society Humans

To follow up, Frank gives the "beginners guide to the 12 Galaxies:"

Frank_Chu: More advanced populations on other planets. They were using mostly flying saucers and space vacations and rocket societies instead of mostly using cars. The 12 Galaxies with Clinton stole my money as a movie star

So why does Frank protest? The idea began after "Lenin and some Soviet Presidents" spoke to him via ESP. The goal, however, is to get paid for his acting work, obviously. When asked exactly how much he is owed for this intergalactic movie career, Frank responds:

Frank_Chu:Probably the damages might go beyond 3 billions.

I never met Bill Clinton, but I told Jimmy Carter that I was a movie star. The UN presidents and their friends with the ESP told me about Bill Clinton with friends at 12 galaxies of populations that are guilty, involved with not paying me as a movie star.

But what about Hillary? And Barack Obama? How would he evaluate those two?

Frank_Chu: Barack Obama is an innocent party also. And I think he will eventually help me with my campaigns. And I think Hillary Clinton is also part of the innocent parties. I think Hillary could be an ideal candidate. [...]

I think Bill Clinton is with the 12 Galaxies. Some of the duplicates of Bill Clinton were innocent parties. There were duplicates of him.

So is Bill Clinton the only one to duplicate himself?

Frank_Chu: No there are probably several other duplicates of several other former presidents, too. [...]

The CIA second salaries are top secret they can disappear into thin air and they have duplicates also.

Diving further into Frank's mysterious past, redditor Titan43x asks, "Prior to protesting (and acting), what was your career? Did you attend college? If so, for what?"

Frank_Chu: I used to attend UC Berkeley. I was also a class 1 truck driver for a while I think there was a lot of discrimination by the 12 Galaxies at UCB so I had to transfer out to Cal State Hayward. I also went to College of Alameda and got an Associates in Business Admin.

Could there possibly be a 13th Galaxy?

Frank_Chu: The 13 galaxies and beyond are the innocent parties.

What about the bar 12 Galaxies? The one that closed ages ago?

Frank_Chu: Probably the CIA was involved with some discrimination with the 12 Galaxies of populations.

So, some of those words on the sign, they seem made up. Redditor Nedscape asks, "Some of the words on your posters are not in the dictionary. Where do they come from?"

Frank_Chu: The UN presidents and their friends with the ESP can help me with choosing syllables that are referring to terminology outdating today's dictionary.

So how does Frank know where to show up and when?

Frank_Chu: I receive fliers for special events. My friend checks for me. I met some of the staff at Answer Coalition. I also check the Bay Guardian and the Examiner. Sometimes friends tell me about events. Some regular events I just know about. I also check the calendar of the San Francisco Visitor Center.

Redditor amcampbell asked, "Frank, I think you are awesome! But one day you yelled at me when I was walking by and you seemed angry. Just having a bad day?"

Frank_Chu: Sometimes I was brainwashed very severely by some very corrupt types of murder cases that were committed by them from the 12 Galaxies. And also most of the former presidents of the White House were identified as guilities with murder cases. And I was brainwashed very severely. So i was countering that type of brainwashing, and that's why I was raising my voice.

Right, of course. When asked for the best place to find shoes if you're a wandering sign-holder who spends most of his time on his feet, Frank responded:

Frank_Chu: I usually go to the Payless Shoe Stores. You can save a little money buying shoes over there.

And the best place for lunch on Market Street? Either Sarku restaurant or the Panda Express in the Westfield Center where Frank usually orders either the Chicken Mushrooms or the Beef with broccoli. And Frank's favorite place to hang out after a long day of protesting? It's the Cheesecake Factory, where he can watch over the city from above Union Square or the Starbucks in Hotel Nikko.

And finally, on whether you should ever say hi if you spot Frank on the street:

Frank_Chu: Yes, you can say "what's up", that would be nice!

To dive even deeper into the 12 galaxies, you can sort through the all the Q&A here.