One of San Francisco's few remaining eccentrics, the indefatigable sign-holder Frank Chu will tell all tomorrow afternoon in a Reddit Ask Me Anything event. There is a strong chance his answers may not make any sense.

If you're not familiar with the AMA format, it's basically an open invitation for Reddit users to lob questions at famous people who then answer back with snappy responses that get curated and blogged about later. Robin Williams told a story about buying sex toys in costume as Mrs. Doubtfire during his, and Buster Posey talked about one very memorable grand slam in an AMA after his second World Series win. What Frank Chu will talk about is anyone's guess, but we're sure it will cover vustrogrullions of topics and be as betalogically Omegalogical as Frank's reputation.

That said, we've heard Frank is far more coherent than his sign suggests, so maybe we'll get a little more insight into who he would like to impeach next.

The AMA event happens live here on Reddit Friday, February 7th at 2:30 p.m

We will, of course, be curating those answers for you afterwards as well.

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