UPDATE: As some commenters have pointed out, this ad could be a hoax. How very political theater! Alas, no, via Uptown Almanac, it's not.

Allow the exceptional TK of 40 Going On 20 to tell you what's what about this Craigslist ad for a rental inside the chic new condo complex on Valencia, the city's artisan boutique district of bile and twee.

"FIRST, if you have $10,500 a month to spend on housing, why the fuck would you give it to someone else? $10,000 is roughly the mortgage payment on a $2,000,000 mortgage. Buy a $1,000,000 place and cut your monthly housing nut in half! Use the rest to buy $4 toast! Fuck, buy $8 or $10 toast and you're STILL coming out ahead!

"SECOND, that ad. Oh my God that ad. 'With the hottest microclimate in San Francisco, Mission is caliente.' Are you fucking kidding me. Are you intentionally making fun of the Mission's Latino heritage, or was that just a happy accident? For the love of God, fellow white people, do not call things 'caliente.' This is one step removed from putting on a giant sombrero and poncho and going to a Cinco de Mayo party."

Also of note in the ad? "Billowing views create a blank canvas to express your individuality." I have no idea what that means, but it sure sounds exciting! The ad goes on to note Delfina, Mission Chinese Food, and the Dolores Park's "multi-million $$$ landscaping improvement project" The condo complex is located at 19th and Valencia, and a sure sign of things to come in the Mission. Think about that the next time you're in line at Bi-Rite Creamery stroking your beard.

Read the entire ad here. (The ad, by the way, has been flagged for removal.)

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[40 Going On 28, Matt Graves]