23-Year-old Sara Krueger and her boyfriend 26-year-old Ryan Scott Warner of Napa were arrested in El Cerrito on Sunday morning in connection with the alleged sexual assault and homicide of Kreuger's three-year-old daughter Kayleigh Slusher.

Napa Police acting on an anonymous tip went to Kreuger and Warner's residence on the 2000 Block of Wilkins Avenue in Napa around 1 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. Neither adult was home, but Napa PD detectives found the toddler laying dead, showing signs of blunt force trauma and sexual assault. Kreuger and Warner, both of whom have prior drug offenses, were last seen leaving the apartment complex carrying luggage around 10 a.m. Saturday morning.

Neither Warner or Kreuger own a car, but a citizen spotted the couple 30 miles south of Napa at a restaurant in El Cerrito on Sunday morning. BART Police picked up the pair at the El Cerrito del Norte BART station around 11 a.m. yesterday. They were both arrested for "assault resulting in a child's death, homicide, and special circumstances murder," according to Napa PD spokesperson Lt. Debbie Peecook. Both were booked into the Napa County Department of Corrections.

According to neighbors, there were rumors of meth use in the apartment and Warner's Facebook page reportedly lists "Trappin'" (drug dealing) as his profession. According to KTVU, Kreuger was finishing college to become a pre-school teacher when the allegedly deadbeat Warner came into her life.

"There's blankets on the window, and drug behavior, they became isolated," building manager Elizabeth Chechourka told KTVU. "Sara lost a lot of weight, and she wouldn't look me in the eye. We never saw Kayleigh outside anymore riding her bike, and when we did see her, she was sad. She used to sparkle, but now she was like a little zombie."

Kayleigh's father is currently incarcerated in San Quentin. A vigil went up outside Kayleigh's apartment complex Sunday evening, where the girl's grandfather was in attendance.

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