Korea-based Samsung, the company that prides itself on being second to market with everything from iPhone-like smartphones to iPad-like tablets, is said to be planning something called the Galaxy Glass, which will compete with Google's ridiculous Google Glass eyewear. Much like the smart watches we've heard all about, we'll need to see it to believe it, and it'll be fun if this leads to another lawsuit.

As TechCrunch reports, to their credit, Samsung was first to market with a smart watch last year and big players Apple and Google are still (rumored to be) developing theirs. But in getting their product out to consumers first they weren't necessarily at an advantage with their Galaxy Gear because most of the response to the thing have been that it's a bit too simple and not the kind of breakout product that's going to move consumers the way the iPhone did.

And it appears they're doing something similar with this Galaxy Glass thing, which looks to be an inferior knockoff off Google's yet-to-be fully released eyewear product, that will "essentially provide a basic heads-up display for your smartphone on your face, pushing notifications, music playback information and basic controls to the lens of a head-mounted display." The rumor is it will hit the market by September.

There's still no word on when Google Glass will actually hit the shelves, though you've seen them around town already on the heads of various geeks/douches who've participated in a contest-based beta launch that cost them $1,500. And then there are those who sought the device out via the secondary markets of Craigslist or eBay and likely paid $6,000 or more, making the Google Glass the dorkiest status symbol in all of douchedom.

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