The female poodle puppy who was spotted on a recycling conveyor at the Recology city dump captured the hearts and minds of the city late last month. Now, "Gem" (she'd like to lose the "Trash Puppy" moniker for personal reasons) has made a full recovery since her dramatic rescue, thanks to Animal Care & Control, which has been treating the pup since she rolled in an injured and bedraggled sight for sore eyes.

Photographer Josh Norem recently caught up with Gem at the shelter and captured some shots of her looking perky and much-improved since her ordeal. Compare those photos to the ones shortly after her arrival, and you can see just how far she's come.

Gem is currently still awaiting adoption at the shelter, but there are already over 200 applicants vying to take her home. For the 199 or more that will go home Gem-less, we strongly suggest considering the adoptable pets (either at the ACC, SPCA or other shelter) who haven't made news recently, but are still equally deserving of a good home.

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[Josh Norem/The Furrtographer]