Saturday afternoon, thousands of anti-abortion activists descended on San Francisco for the annual Walk for Life stroll down Market Street. The Pro-Life event is, as we've mentioned before, an opportunity for San Francisco to show it has more tolerance for conservatives than conservatives have for San Francisco, if you will. In addition to the huge pro-life turnout, the annual event was met with backlash from the pro-choice set this year.

The rally and the subsequent protest were either big news or not big enough news, depending on who you asked, which led some activists to head to local cathedrals in order to pray for the news media. One pastor from Newark, California claimed 80,000 people were in attendance during the walk that stretched from San Francisco City Hall to the Embarcadero, nearly two miles away. That number has yet to be confirmed, but Associated Press reports that "thousands" marched to mark the 41st anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade.

This year's event also spilled off the streets of San Francisco and into the social media realm, where even the impressionable youth in attendance took the opportunity to take some pro-choice selfies:

17-year-old high school senior Nancy Castellanos arrived from Dixon, Calif. along with six buses worth of protesters from her Catholic parish. As she told the AP, "I am 100 percent, completely against abortion. If you don't want the child there's always adoption."

Last week, San Francisco City Supervisor David Campos introduced a non-binding resolution saying the city council officially opposes the "Abortion Hurts Women" banners that have lined the city's busiest thoroughfare since late last year. According to the resolution, "the prominent display of false anti-abortion statements on public property on Market Street misrepresents the City's support for reproductive health."

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