Phish fans (you may know some... I do) have been abuzz with the news that the band repeatedly encouraged the Seattle Seahawks and their fans to adopt their song "Wilson" as a chant and theme song every time Quarterback Russell Wilson took to the field. NFL Films did a little video about it. Now, some fans have put together a petition to try to get Phish to play at Candlestick Park, before it gets torn down, "as a gesture of good will for the Niners' loss to the Seahawks."

The whole "Wilson" thing, as it turns out, seems to be an elaborate practical joke by Phish frontman Trey Anastasio, a lifelong New York Jets fan. He was allegedly pissed that third-round draft pick Russell Wilson helped to beat his beloved Jets, and decided to try to get the team to adopt this song which, as true Phish fans all know, is a song about an evil, hateful character. (Wilson is, in the lore of the song, an evil dictator who enslaves an entire race of people.) The band rightly assumed that the Seahawks would be none the wiser.

Some of the lyrics, and the refrain:

When we had that meeting, over down near Game(hendge) Wilson, King of Prussia, I lay this hate on you Wilson, Duke of Lizards I beg it all trune for you

You got me back thinkin' that you're the worst one
I must inquire, Wilson
Can you still have fun?

Below, a performance of the song back in 2010 at the Berkeley Greek Theater.