As San Francisco guiltily enjoys another week of clear, sunny skies, the city is also basking in a continued wave of Hollywood attention with the start of yet another on-location film, this time with the promise of Kristen Wiig and Alexander Skarsgard sightings around town.

The movie in question is Diary of a Teenage Girl, and is based on a graphic novel of the same name by Phoebe Gloeckner. Here's a description of the book, courtesy of Publisher's Weekly:

Gloeckner's latest, a combination of comics and prose, follows the sexual misadventures and coming-of-age of Minnie Goetze, a troubled teenager very much reminiscent of Gloeckner, as she stumbles toward adulthood in 1970s San Francisco. Minnie's diary details the loss of her virginity to Monroe, her mother's less than devoted boyfriend. She falls in love with him, though he continues to sleep with Minnie's self-absorbed, drunken mother. A hellish adolescence follows: Minnie's kicked out of various schools, has promiscuous sex and ends up on the streets, strung out and obsessed with a young lesbian who pimps her out for more drugs.

Goodness gracious. We can only assume that Wiig will play the part of the "self-absorbed, drunken mother," a departure from her well-known comedic roles, and that Skarsgard will play her wayward boyfriend (see above photo of tall-in-real-life Skarsgard with some sky blue shorts shorts). The role of Minnie will be played by 21-year-old British actress Bel Powley.

The movie joins HBO's new show Looking as yet another opportunity to catch cameras around town, as well as to track celebrity sightings at your favorite local restaurants (we sure hope Wiig and Skarsgard like eating out and being ogled at/approached by strangers).

Update: We've been informed that local drag star Peaches Christ has also landed a part in the film. Playing a drag queen, obviously.