The only reason this seems important is because the Five Diamond Club appeared as a major plot point in Ocean's 13, the lesser of the revamped Ocean's trilogy. Anyway, you will be pleased to know that, as of last week, The Restaurant at Meadowood has been added to the group of AAA Five Diamond restaurants. This is also important because there are only 59 in the U.S.

According to AAA, the same people who towed your '06 Honda Accord when it broke down on the 101, there's how they select the ultimate diamond champs:

"Attaining the Five Diamond rating is not an easy undertaking," said [Michael Petrone, director, AAA Tourism Information Development]. "Establishments at this level must consistently provide an unparalleled guest environment and experience." Candidates for the rating undergo multiple unannounced evaluations and a final decision by a panel of experts. Inspectors meticulously evaluate guest services and physical attributes, closely examining the level of competence, refinement and hospitality, from reservations to checkout for hotels and from seating to presentation for restaurants."

Meadowood also holds three Michelin stars, as well as four stars from Micael Bauer. It joins Gary Danko, Benu, and The French Laundry on the esteemed list. But the only true way to get to know a restaurant is, of course, from its Instagram. Here you go.

[via Eater]