This beloved video of Market Street just days before the Great Earthquake of 1906 has made the blog rounds in the past, but thanks to YouTuber Hardscrabble Pictures, we can now experience the whole 12-minute trip down San Francisco's busiest thoroughfare in glorious hoof-clopping, streetcar-ringing, car-engine rumbling.

The film was shot just four days before the city was leveled by the Great Earthquake and roughly a century before it was slammed again by a tech industry tsunami. The sounds, meanwhile, are recordings from actual San Francisco streetcars and Model T or Model A engines that have been added back in and sound engineered for accurate perspective. The visuals have also been restored and stabilized to make for a smoother ride.

It's a far cry from a ride down the F-Market today, but it's really rather soothing in a way.

[H/t: Sploid]