The three unidentified teen boys involved in the September 2012 rape of 15-year-old Audrie Pott, who later took her own life, admitted their guilt in the case and received sentences of 30 to 45 days, as the Mercury News reports.

Pott was digitally assaulted during a drunken house party in Saratoga on September 2, 2012, and lewd things were written on her body with a marker while she was passed out drunk. Pictures of her were then circulated among her friends, and she later hung herself after posting on Facebook that her life had been ruined. The case gained national attention and drew comparisons to the Steubenville, Ohio rape case in which a teen girl was similarly assaulted while drunk and humiliated by way of circulated photos.

The three boys were arrested last April, and a fourth suspect, a female classmate, was later implicated as well for encouraging the assault.

It turns out that all three boys admitted in the Santa Clara County Juvenile Court that they were guilty of the assault. Two, both aged 16 now, have completed sentences of 30 days in juvenile detention, which they served over consecutive weekends, and one boy, aged 17, is still completing a sentence of 45 days. According to a UC Berkeley law professor, sentences this light are fairly typical for juvenile courts, especially in Santa Clara County.

The boys were also convicted of possessing pornographic images of a girl other than Audrie, on their phones, in what Audrie's parents' attorney refers to as a pattern of "slut shaming."

Though the names of victims in suicide or sexual assault cases are not usually reported in the press, especially when they are juveniles, the family wanted their daughter's name known to spread the word about her case. They started the Audrie Pott Foundation to provide music and art scholarships to students in the South Bay, and to provide youth counseling and support.

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