According to the festival's official cartoon mascot, the seventh edition of San Francisco's big-name summer music gathering will return to Golden Gate Park on August 8 - 10 of this year. Meanwhile, by way of the music blog rumor mill, we hear there's a pretty good chance the reunited OutKast will be headlining at least one of those nights in August.

Although we don't have any official details for Outside Lands aside from that tweeted save-the-date, the speculation for every summer festival lineup begins pretty much immediately after the Coachella lineup hits the internet — which it did last week, featuring OutKast atop Friday night's lineup. The Big Boi-Andre 3000 duo announced shortly after that they will play 40 festivals this summer, including the Governor's Ball in New York. Since we can barely think of more than a dozen summer festivals off the top of our heads, it seems likely that a big draw such as Outside Lands would be in that schedule somewhere.

SF Weekly's Ian Port has more:

Big Boi has already been booked twice (and played once), remember, so adding Andre would seem to be a no-brainer. But Outkast at Outside Lands would also mark a major change for the festival, which has not emphasized urban music, and which has never had a rapper headline.

It's sometimes seemed as if the Golden Gate Park event deliberately holds rap at a distance. Sure, it had Jurassic Five last year, and Big Boi in 2012 and '11 (when he didn't perform due to technical difficulties), and a few others like Qtip, Nas, and Zion I in years past. But rap acts usually represent a drop in the bucket compared to the EDM, rock of all stripes, and soul/funk on the Outside Lands billings. Whatever the reason for that, an Outkast set would seem the perfect way to pop the festival's hip-hop-headliner cherry.

Anyhow, in the meantime, feel free to speculate who will round out the rest of the weekend's lineup. You can also RSVP via Facebook although that guarantees you exactly nothing except more updates from Outside Lands in your newsfeed. And if you're deciding whether you ought to attend this year, well here are our 17 Signs You're Too Old for Music Festivals.

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