Let's address this since SFist has received plenty of emails regarding the above banners on Market Street...

The annual Walk for Life escapade goes down in San Francisco on January 25. Whether pro or con on a woman's right to choose, the annual walk provides yet another opportunity to show the far-right that, actually, San Francisco is a city of tolerance. At least comparatively so. Which is why heavily attended war-on-women rallies (e.g., the Walk for Life) go more or less unchallenged here in Baghdad by the Bay. We're just that open-minded.

Anyway. The group's promo video:

Welcome to San Francisco, Walk for Lifers. We hope you enjoy the assorted sundry of McDonald's and Starbucks outlets the city has to offer.

For further details and salient facts, please visit plannedparenthood.org. For information about the aforementioned Jan. 25 rally, please visit walkforlifewc.com.