We're pretty sure most of you didn't mind the balmy, sunny Christmas weather, but the plants could really use some moisture right about now and everyone with a Tahoe share is hoping for some natural powder to come their way someday. And we're now almost certainly going to see a record broken for the least rain in any year in San Francisco... since 1849.

There's no rain in the forecast through the new year, which means, as we predicted a couple weeks ago, 2013 will go down in the record books with a grand total of 5.59 inches of rain since January 1. The previous record was set in 1976, which saw 8.7 inches, and prior to that there was a year of just 9 inches of wetness in 1917. On average, since records have been kept since 1849, S.F. sees 21.5 inches in a given year. Other records are likely to be set around the Bay Area in other California cities as well.

There have been records set for warm temperatures this week, too, as the Mercury News reports. Oakland broke records on Monday the 23rd with a high of 67, and on Christmas day with a high of 69. It hit 82 on Christmas in Salinas, breaking an old record of 79 in 1985. San Francisco missed its Christmas temp record by just two degrees, hitting 65 yesterday.

Long story short: Your plants need watering, and it's bizarrely pleasant at Baker Beach.

In other news, it's been below freezing in Tahoe, at least, so there is a lot of man-made snow for those heading up there soon.

Also, even though I'm sure you are sick of Christmas music at this point, please enjoy this recent classic by Australian songwriter Tim Minchin, "White Wine in the Sun." Because this was definitely more like Australian Christmas than your average San Francisco Christmas. And go have some white wine in the sun.

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