A Santa Rosa man is currently in custody after killing his roommate’s dog, but not before threatening to “eat her” first. Alan Evans, 35, is being held on $250,000 bail after he was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, battery, terrorist threats and cruelty to an animal.

Apparently, Evans returned home on Christmas Eve “speaking incoherently and making no sense”. Evans then proceeded to assault his female roommate by slapping her and pulling her hair. Afterward, he allegedly went to the kitchen to grab a knife, expressing his intention to eat her. The roommate, rightfully so, ran to her neighbors house for safety. At this point, the man allegedly killed the woman’s dog with said knife. When police arrived, Evan’s was covered in blood and the small terrier mix was found under his car.

Apparently, Evans has had himself a bit of a rough year. Back in October, it was reported that a man by the same name and age was attacked by a machete-wielding maniac, just down the road from where the current knife-related crime occurred. He suffered from slash wounds all over his body, but this clearly did not deter him from allegedly turning a blade on someone not three months later.

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