The holidays can be stressful for everyone, but somehow most of us manage not to throw puppies in the trash. Not so for the persons now wanted by the Animal Care and Control for apparently tossing an injured 10-week-old puppy in the recycling (puppies: not recyclable).

The puppy, an adorable female poodle nicknamed “Gem,” was discovered by Recology employees on a recycling conveyor belt at the city dump. The puppy is believed to have traveled to the dump in a trash collection truck from an unknown location. Gem was already suffering from bite marks on her neck, lameness in her hind legs and ear discharge when she was thrown away, and officials say they're surprised the journey didn't kill her. She is expected to recover.

Anyone with information about this Toy Story 3 reenactment gone bad is asked to call animal control at (415) 554-9400.

In other adorable animal news, a kitten who was blatantly abducted from the San Francisco Animal Care and Control center has been recovered in a hotel. The kitten, named "Arizona," has already been adopted and was awaiting pickup when she was nabbed. Security cameras appear to show two women, one in a wheelchair, entering her room and then leaving under extremely suspicious circumstances (check the video at 1:35 and try telling me that kitten isn't hidden in the seated woman's jacket).

In other news, the magic of Christmas has not quite been ruined for children everywhere, but it's not for lack of trying.

And for a moment of appreciation for our local Animal Care and Control officers, here's a nice reminder of all the good work they do, via Mission Local:

Ellie Sadler: Animal Cop from Mission Local on Vimeo.

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