The war on Christmas is taking to the skies over San Francisco this year: current weather conditions are threatening to call for a few more Winter Spare the Air days this week, which means no burning Yule Logs on the 24th and 25th.

After last week's startlingly bad air quality, the air cleared for a little bit over the weekend before returning to levels or particulate matter that could pose a problem for sensitive groups and asthmatics. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District's 5-day forecast is currently predicting even worse conditions on the 25th.

Should you get busted burning a log by the grinch-like air quality police, it could cost you a $100 ticket or a trip to remedial air quality sensitivity training. So, in an emergency situation here is your replacement, particulate-free, 2 hours of HD yule log action:

It's cold comfort, we know.

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