Well, this should be fun. As we discussed a couple weeks back, local nudism activist Gypsy Taub and her newfound love Jaymz Smith are planning to be wed on Thursday, in the nude, on the steps of City Hall. The ceremony will be followed by a naked parade, with mariachi band.

Presiding over the ceremony will be fellow nudist, repeat mayoral candidate, and minister of the Universal Life Church George Davis, as the Chron reports. And as Taub tells them, this will be "the second, and possibly the third, marriage for Taub," who added that she's had "a very exciting life with a lot of passion and a lot of drama" so far. Thursday will officially mark the beginning of a new chapter with Smith, who's 20 years old to her 44. He's been living with her and her family, including three children, in a Victorian flat in Berkeley since he and Taub met in August at the Rainbow Gathering in Montana.

In an effort to present a truly Bay Area human interest tale, and one that's surely sensational for everyone in the 'burbs, the Chron piece include photos of the hippie-ish clan taken at Taub's home, and an extensive interview and profile of her. She speaks of a Russian lover named Sergey, whom she never married and who killed himself over twenty years ago, and who she believes has been reincarnated in the body of Jaymz.

She'd been looking for the spirit of Sergey in the 15 years since he hanged himself. Now here he was in the body of Smith, same looks, same gestures, same smile, same eyes, though she had to wait for him to clear the hair out of his face to make that point.

"After Sergey died, I used all these techniques to bring him back in some form, and I did meet him," she explains. "Jimmy is the same exact person as the Russian."

Taub plans to begin the ceremony in a vintage gown and veil, with her son and daughter playing ring bearer and flower girl respectively, but she (and presumably Smith) plan to strip down for their vows as an open challenge to San Francisco's nudity ban, which took effect in February. She fully expects to be arrested, and wants the attention, though she wonders whether she'll be allowed to get through the vows.

Also, look for both Taub and Smith to make naked appearances at tonight's Board of Supervisors meeting. Taub will be there to invite all 11 members to the wedding because, as she puts it, "I'm a big rebel and I just like to stir shit up." Also look for her to get wrapped in a blanket and kicked out like she always does.

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