Every year, Google releases their compendium of the top trending searches around the globe. For 2013, the top search on the planet inspiringly belonged to Nelson Mandela, whose death at age 95 earlier this month sent everyone to the search box for a remedial lesson on Madiba's legacy. Locally, however, we seemed more concerned about how we were going to get to work, celebrity deaths and what was up with the new iPhone.

Per Google, here are the top top trending searches from San Francisco in 2013:
1. BART strike
2. Paul Walker
3. iPhone 5s
4. Boston Marathon
5. Cory Monteith
6. Powerball
7. Aaron Hernandez
8. Government shutdown
9. James Gandolfini
10. Jodi Arias

Compared to the rest of the planet's top 10 searches, we couldn't care less about the Harlem Shake (#5 globally), the Royal Baby (#7), phones made by Samsung (#8), or North Korea (#10). We are pretty concerned with The Sopranos and winning the Powerball, however. (And the data only goes to November 11th, so Batkid is conspicuously absent.)

Also, for an added morning distraction you can replay San Francisco's 2013 searches month-by-month on a globe, which reveals that a startling number of you were googling "When is Independence Day?" at the beginning of July. Maybe you should Google "Where to buy a calendar" next.

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