With much trepidation, San Francisco played host to yet another round of SantaCon, that time of year wherein folks, replete with yuletide attire, get wasted during a massive bar crawl and then vomit all over the place. But was it really that bad this year? Nah, it was just a lot of fun. "You can just feel that everyone is having a good time," 47-year-old Emily Salmon-Pezely tells SF Chronicle. "It's just silly and enjoyable."

Folks wore the classic Santa garb. We saw many discarded Kris Kringle belts and hats strewn about the city on Saturday. LIke scenes from a Santa massacre. Attendees also partied pretty hard well into the wee hours. Up in Nob HIll later that night, we saw at least one woman pass out into a taxi, the aforementioned barf scene, and one santa bro walking into oncoming traffic. (Daytime drinking, if we recall, is the worst!)

Erik Wilson snapped some shots of the revelry from Saturday's Christmas-y scene. Enjoy. And see you again in 2014.