The next time you're frustrated standing on the tourist-packed corner of Powell and Geary, take solace knowing you're in the same spot Tippi Hedren crossed in Hitchcock's The Birds. In fact, the next time you're wondering about what the spot you're standing in looked like during a famous movie scene, just look at your phone.

The new Scenepast iPhone app allows users to search for a city and year, see a pic from an old movie scene shot in the area, and then compare it to how the spot looks today. Not only does the app work of films but also TV. (Fingers crossed for Too Close for Comfort scenes!)

(Fun fact: Though not a classic San Francisco movie, my personal favorite shot-in-SF scene comes from All About Eve. The scene where Margo Channing enters the theater, pre-"Princess Fire and Music" rant, is actually the Curran at 445 Geary. Now you know.)