NEMA, that luxury high-rise mammoth on Mid-Market, just released another promotional video. Oh, brother. It's not good. This one has so many white heterosexuals splashing around a sun-drenched pool, you'll need SPF 55 just to look at it. But the video, at least according to one tenant, isn't what the new "next gen luxury rentals" are all about. The tenant in question sent SFist a thoughtful response for NEMA regarding their marketing, bad videography, and more.

The NEMA tenant writes (emphasis ours):

Dear NEMA,

Just saw the promo video, "a day in the life at NEMA" and as a recent tenant of NEMA, I'm really offended. First off, the casting call was pretty appalling... and sure enough the video confirms that whoever is over at the marketing efforts at NEMA is extremely out of touch. AND. SHOULD. JUST. STOP. You're just ASKING for bad press. Also, if you're going to create such a video, at least make one that isn't so cheesy with bad videography. It looks like it was filmed for free by a first-year art school student.

So let me apologize on your behalf for putting out such a horrific and inaccurate video, one that paints an unrealistic picture of the people who live at NEMA. I'm embarrassed for you and embarrassed to be living here now.

We aren't "Banana Republic" models and we don't lounge by the pool all day. We span a lot of nationalities, body types, and sexual orientations. Thanks for only showing attractive heterosexual people; you really know how to make a bad thing worse. I've really enjoyed getting to meet all the different types of people that live at NEMA and this video doesn't show that. (Why didn't you just use residents, instead of models, that ACTUALLY live in NEMA for your video, since the casting call happened well after tenants moved in?)

So let me paint a real day in the life at NEMA picture... the people that live at NEMA are beautifully diverse. We aren't all techies. We aren't all heterosexual. We are not this video.


A tenant of NEMA

Also noteworthy? Though the casting call asked for "all ethnicities," we only see one Asian and the only black person is working the front desk.

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