Christmas should be a time for giving, and generosity of spirit, as most of understand. But since Greg Gopman, and presumably many of his tech-industry friends, find the scene on Market Street "grotesque" and S.F. in general just too overrun with "degenerates" for their liking, we have a few ideas for where they might want to donate a few dollars this season. To help improve things, perhaps. Or to apologize for being cruel and thoughtless.

Homeless Youth Alliance
Gopman, for one, wishes that the human "trash" could be moved to another "area." Away from "us." But San Francisco actually has a big problem with homeless youth who often don't fall into the typical categories of mentally ill and/or substance-addicted individuals who make up a large portion of the older homeless population. S.F.'s Homeless Youth Alliance, which serves a large number of LGBT homeless teens, for instance, is facing eviction by their landlord and is doing an end-of-year plea for donations. Give here.

La Casa De Las Madres
This shelter in the Mission provides housing and services to women, teens, and children who are the victims of domestic violence. They also try to raise awareness of domestic abuse in the San Francisco community, and they do a lot of good work. Donate to them here.

Glide Memorial Church
Glide is a radical, amazing, very San Francisco institution that not only provides a spiritual place of gathering for all walks of life, but provides housing, meals, and services to the poor and homeless with a mission to "alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalization." Donate here.

Larkin Street Youth Services
It's San Francisco's apparent tolerance of these "dropouts" and "hyenas" that seems to disappoint people like Gopman most. But organizations like Larkin Street have been around several decades trying to offer services and outreach to at-risk homeless youth, many of whom end up engaging in risky behaviors due to their lives on the street. Larkin Street helps an average of 3600 kids a year through their various programs and shelters. Everyone can donate here.

St. Anthony's Foundation
St. Anthony's has been serving meals to the poor, via their dining room, for 100 years in San Francisco. They're now in the process of building a new dining room on Jones Street, and they continue to serve meals, provide recovery programs, and give out clothing to the poor every day. Donate to them here.

Tenderloin Housing Clinic
The THC has been around for over 30 years, and they lease and manage a collection of 17 SROs in the Tenderloin that house the formerly homeless. They also provide social services to their tenants in an effort to help them stay in their housing, and they provide legal assistance to the poor in order to fight unjust evictions, etc. Donate to them here.

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