It's been six months since Asiana Airlines flight 214 crashed at San Francisco International airport. Today, as part of an investigative hearing on the incident, the National Transportation Safety Board has released a comprehensive bank of new photos and video from the tragedy.

The photos cover almost every inch of the plane from the cockpit to the rear section where the tail was ripped off, leaving the last rows of seats exposed. In addition to the photos, the agency also released another chilling video of the incident, captured from a camera across the water from the runway:

During the hearing, which began this morning in Washington, DC, the first officer aboard Flight 214 told investigators he called out the plane's excessive sink rate "more than four times" in the two minutes before the Boeing 777 smashed into the seawall on the edge of the runway. CNN summarizes some of the details emerging today:

First Officer Bong Dongwon — who was sitting in a jump seat behind Capt. Lee Kang Kuk, a trainee, and instructor Lee Jungmin — said the plane was making a steeper descent than the allowable 1,000 feet per minute, so he alerted the pilots, calling out the sink rate. But he did not say anything more because they appeared to be correcting the sink rate, Bong told investigators. [...]

A cockpit voice recorder transcript released Wednesday showed the pilot gave three "sink rate" warnings in succession about 52 seconds before impact -- the first two times in English, and the final time in Korean.

In addition to the sink rate, the pilots may have also have made two other mistakes by approaching too slow and not lining the plane up correctly with the runway.

The hearing, which is currently underway in Washington, DC can be livestreamed over at the Mercury News. The full document of NTSB photos can be viewed here.