A new way to spend more time on your phone while enjoying time out with a loved one.

Instagram has just introduced Instagram Direct, which will allow users a little more control on a platform that previously offered few options (outside of filter choice, of course). The announcement, made in New York by co-founder Kevin Systrom, is explained here (and, visually—is that the Hudson filter?—in the below video):

"At the top of the share screen, you’ll see the option to share with your followers ('Followers') or to send to specific people ('Direct'). To send using Direct, tap the names of the people you want to send your photo or video to, write your caption, tap 'send' and you’re done. After sending, you’ll be able to find out who’s seen your photo or video, see who’s liked it and watch your recipients commenting in real time as the conversation unfolds.Photos and videos that you receive from people you follow will appear immediately. If someone you’re not following sends you a photo or video on Instagram, it will go to your requests so you can decide if you want to view it."
For the Twitter-minded, this is like sending a Direct Message, and for the Facebook followers, it's a personal message, complete with a read-receipt.

Basically, if you don't want to bomb your feed with 100 photos from vacation, but know that at least a few friends would appreciate seeing them all, you can now allow just those friends access. This also works for more... Snapchat reasons, allowing you to privately send a seductive, filtered photo of yourself to that special someone.

Or just troll one of your friends with endless private photos from brunch:

The Instagram Direct update is available today.