In the past, towncar-hailing service Uber has won hearts and easy publicity by delivering on-demand kitten playtime, free tamales from the Tamale Lady, and DeLorean Rides. For the Holiday season, the company is steering their marketing away from whimsy and towards sheer laziness by offering to deliver fresh-cut Christmas trees from Home Depot — which you shouldn't order unless you're a lazy, greedy jerk.

The promotion is an obvious one: a (seemingly sarcastic) call for a similar app actually hit Twitter earlier this week, drawing eyerolls from Valleywag over the state of San Francisco's laziness. Now it's real and happening tomorrow in ten cities across the country. Like the promos before it, UberTREE will show up in the app and allow you to hail a tree-delivery guy to bring a 7-8 foot Noble Fir right to your door for $135.

While we won't begrudge anyone their right to have things delivered to their doorsteps, we think there are a couple other places you might want to consider when looking for your Christmas tree: Local philanthropy organization the Guardsmen hold an annual Christmas Tree lot at the Fort Mason Center, with the proceeds going to benefit programs for at-risk youth in the Bay Area. (They'll even arrange to deliver it to your house, if you feel so inclined.) Likewise, the Delancy Street Foundation, which helps former substance abusers and convicts get back on their feet, runs several Christmas Tree lots around the city. In addition to raising money for the program, the nine lots around San Francisco and the East Bay offer an opportunity for the men in the program to gain experience running a small businesses.

Or, if you feel so moved by the holiday spirit, you could just order a tree from Home Depot via an app on your phone.