On Thursday, the Berkeley Symphony will borrow a seasoned musician from across the Bay rather than import a teenage mutant prodigy soloist. Peter Wyrick, whose regular gig is associate principal cellist with the SF Symphony will star in Haydn's Cello Concerto in C. A Brahms Symphony and Brett Dean's Carlo for string, sampler and tape complete the typically eclectic program.

Wyrick, who started at age 14 with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic, has played with the New-York City Opera and is now on his second run with the SF Symphony. If you have been to a concert at Davies, you can't help but notice him: most for his musicality. But also for his big smile at the end of the performances. He just seems to enjoy playing a lot. We talked to Peter on the phone about the Haydn concerto and about everything that can go wrong on stage, including playing air cello, audience members, and more.