NEMA, mid-Market's most unabashedly homogenous new apartment building held an open house Thursday night for future residents, potential lessees, and local gentrification watchblogs in search of Instagram fodder. While the idea of a $2,500 studio at 10th and Market may seem absurd to some, it is nothing compared to the puzzling set pieces decorating the building last night.

First, and somewhat normal-seeming, there was at least one model paid to soak in a bathtub:

Meanwhile, on the pool deck, a mermaid was doing laps, to crowd applause:

Then there was this Wizard of Oz monkey dancing to 50 Cent:

Granted, we're coming at this with very little context, but even leaseholders were baffled by the display:

While Dotcom 1.0 survivors love to talk about the opulent parties that looked so embarrassing after the bust, the road to Dotcom 2.0 hell is paved with absurd real estate celebrations. What a town.

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[Hat tip to Kevin Montgomery's live coverage from last night.]