"What's wrong with having a life outside of work? This is San Francisco. That's why I live here," says Jonathan Groff's character, while walking and eating a Mission burrito, in the new trailer for Looking, which is slightly more revealing than the brief teaser trailer we showed you earlier this week. (Clearly Groff's character isn't of this new ilk of locals who are trying to make S.F. a town of ambitious, workaholic tech folk.) We see plenty of beards here, and sheepskin, and there's talk of OK Cupid and open relationships all in lovely S.F. settings. Ah, this is going to be glorious, ladies and gentlemen. But hopefully the show won't make too many more people move here because we've run out of apartments. Nothing to see here, folks.

As mentioned earlier, the show premieres January 19, at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.