What with the state of the world today, it may be hard to believe that the cost of crossing the Golden Gate Bridge actually dropped at any point in its past. But between 1937 and 1955, the bridge toll decreased from 50 cents each way to 25 cents each way.

Let that sink in as the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District board of directors convenes this Friday to discuss raising cash tolls to $7 to combat a 5-year deficit predicted to clock in at $142 million. There are a variety of proposals on the table, including a couple that would bump cash tolls to $7 come April, and FasTrak tolls to $5.75 or $6. A few proposals that support more incremental toll increases would result in an $8 non-FasTrak toll and a $6.50 or $7 FasTrak toll by July 2018.

The last increase for two-axle vehicles took place on September 2, 2008, when both cash and FastTrak tolls went up to $6 and $5, respectively. Is it too soon? Not soon enough? Chime in, all ye doughty bridge-crossers.

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