You know about 38 Dolores and their ridiculous butterfly habitat? Not to mention the luxury rentals of Nema, a new experiment in charging $2,500+ for a studio on one of the crackiest blocks in town? Well, the inevitable has happened, and someone has created a parody Twitter account, Rent Enema, devoted to skewering all the marketing snobbery and luxe amenities of these places that were built for transient, overpaid tech workers who can't be bothered with Craigslist.

We mentioned this in our late-Friday roundup but thought you deserved a more thorough introduction. The joke here is pretty simple: All that marketing copy, and the solariums and exercise rooms and green roofs, do add up something "Über contemptuous" and annoying, and even one of SFist's acquaintances who signed a lease at Nema finds this shit funny.