Looking to get hitched tomorrow on 11/12/13? Well, you won't be able to do it at San Francisco City Hall. If you want to get married on Tuesday's special consecutive-number date, you will have to try elsewhere.

You can Santa Cruz. That would be lovely. "Already 10 of the 13 openings have been filled," reports SF Appeal. Give them a call tomorrow at 831-454-2800. You can also try Alameda County. An Oakland marriage sure would be hip, wouldn't it? Indeed. Give them a call tomorrow at 1-888-280-7708.

By the way, today is Veteran's Day, so city offices are closed.

The next date with consecutive numbers will be next December (12-13-14). Which isn't as ideal as today because 1) that date falls on a Saturday, which is when county offices are typically closed, and b) the 13th is just too spooky.