After hitting the New York Stock Exchange this morning, Twitter's newly public stock shot right up to about $50 before leveling off to close just a hair dime short of $45 — a 73% gain that caused every finance and tech journalist to use the word "soar" in their closing bell headlines.

The company has never turned a profit and made $317 million in revenue last year, but at the end of the day, was worth somewhere between $25 billion and $31 billion dollars, making it more valuable than Kellogg, T. Rowe Price or Netflix. The successful opening day went better than Facebook's, but pretty much everyone agrees that opening day hardly matters in the long run.

Although the outcome was more or less exactly how CEO Dick Costolo probably wanted the first day to play out, according to television sound effects man and market analyst Jim Cramer, the rest of the market was experiencing a "Twitter hangover."