Twitter's initial public offering is set to happen as early as this Thursday. It's also set to make some people rich and some people unhappy. Naturally. In an effort to sooth concerns on both sides of the issue, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee will walk around MidMarket today starting at 10 am at 10th Street and Market.

Ostensibly, his plan is to talk to residents and business owners in the area affected by the IPO. Also of importance? Evictions and impossible rent prices.

Mayor Lee, if you recall, played a huge part in getting Twitter to stay in San Francisco. His tax break allowed the (profitable?) social media company to move to MidMarket and help revamp the area. Top drawer restaurants from Daniel Patterson (Coi) and Top Chef Masters contender Suvir Saran are slated to open in the economically disenfranchised area.

Speaking of MidMarket businesses, if anything bad happens to Aunt Charlie's Lounge, we'll personally see to it that Mayor Lee can't get elected hall monitor at an after-school program. (Kidding! Sort of.)

If you have a question for Lee, you can find him at 10th and Market today starting at 10 am.

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