At the Europa Hotel in North Beach (310 Columbus Avenue) you can get a room for the night starting around $36, which is basically unheard of in this town. But guess what? You will find drug baggies in the bathroom, dried urine, excrement, bed bugs, and other delights in many corners.

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The hotel has 1 star on Yelp (zero, as you may know, is not allowed by the system), and mostly 1-star reviews on Trip Advisor, where the reviews are pretty damn funny. "HELL_HOLE" is the title of one, and "Horrific" the title of another. But, apparently, because the hotel shows up on a plethora of travel sites like, and has a 2.5-star rating on, budget travelers still find themselves showing up there, and deeply regretting it. And bringing home bedbugs. (Sadly this isn't Jane Kim's district.)

Curiously, on Google Plus, we'd like to point out that the hotel has 3.5 stars, because why? No one uses Google Plus.

Below, some choice reviews.

Do not stay here!! I wanted somewhere cheap- online it didn't look too bad however I felt unsafe the minute I checked in-its a horrific, terrible and disgusting place. My room smelt like faeces and urine, there were cigarette buts everywhere, stains on the sheets, it was filthy. I could hear men coughing, snorting and other horrible noises through the walls. I was so scared to leave my room with the men that were hanging around. I didnt sleep at all and booked another hotel at 3 in the morning and left after having my door knocked on by men during the night-I would not want my worst enemy to stay here. I can't remember the last time I felt so scared and unsafe.
Graffiti in the closet denounces love Dried urine in the drawer Pubic hair on the pillow Holes all over the walls Very uneven floor Open wiring presumably for a lamp or smoke alarm Deep burn marks all over the top of the broken tv Drug baggie (mostly empty) in the sink drawer

We hope we don't get any skin diseases from this place, and hope you take heed our words: spend more on a better hotel, for your own health is worth it. Don't make the mistake that we did!

From the moment you try to peer thru the filthy glass front door, you know your trip is off to a bad start......unfortunately it just gets worse! Sticky stair carpets and handrails lead you up to the reception window which makes you feel as tho you'll get sheets thrown at you when you sign in! The whole place smells vile and is disgustingly dirty. The room (for a better word) was horrendous.... filthy, stinking of rotting something with a window which had the joy of a strip of material for a curtain that didn't even meet both sides! The bed covers were awful, full of cigarette burns and holes of some other making and not inviting to say the least. Room was over the local nightclub and at 3pm was blasting away so god only knows how people were meant to sleep with it. Nightclub wasn't the only worry, shared toilet and shower room on the corridor were so dirty and smelly that i knew we couldnt nor wouldnt be staying here for even one night! We locked our cases in the room and went searching for another local hotel. (we did this after enjoying a drink in a local Irish bar). The manager of this second Hotel was really shocked when we told him we had actually ventured into the Europa, and started scratching his arms at the thought...asking us if we had brought any 'visitors' with us!!!!!!!
We were luky and had a room on 2nd floor. We didnt see any bed bugs, mices, roaches etc. And the shared bathroom was ok and cleaned at least daily. (exept some [--] on the wall). They room was just DIRTY and run down. Wifi worked only a few hours per day. There are a lot of long term resistens, some of them are very strange and drug addicted.
Bedbugs were found in 2 out of 3 rooms they offered us, disgusting and manager didnt even seem to care, if you stay here burn your cloths before coming in your home! Seriously.
DO NOT stay at this hotel unless you want to get stabbed with a heroine needle or pimped out. The hotel is located in the red light district of san francisco right next to a strip joint and a pimp stood near the entrance.

The inside of the hotel was reminiscient of a horror movie. The room was dirty and the door was blood stained. The room contained a twin bed and a sink only. Showers were in communal bathrooms.

My girlfriend and I, who were out of town, checked in and left 15 minutes later, long enough to wait for a cab to take us to a different hotel.

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A bed bug photographed this year by a TripAdvisor traveler.