The attitude aimed at striking BART workers, here in the ostensibly liberal Bay Area, was nothing short of depressing. From Silicon Valley's out-of-touch attitude to angry callers on Tuesday morning's Krasny, it brought out the worst. Take, for example, Vincent Matteucci, 39, of San Francisco who allegedly threw a hammer at striking workers on Monday.

Matteucci and an unidentified man were walking outside the Daly City station when his unidentified companion reportedly shouted "get your (expletive) back to work," to the employees. According to San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, Matteucci then threw a hammer at the striking transit workers, which came within 15 feet of them.

Bay Area Newsgroup goes on to report: "Matteucci is also charged with waving a "metal straight pick," at the workers, who subsequently called police." Matteucci is being held in the Redwood City clink and due back in court November 4.

Speaking of the strike, this alarming BART strike ban petition from Orinda city councilman Steve Glazer made the rounds during the strike. Many media ilk also published and RT'd the petition without giving it much thought. Journalist Susie Cagle, however, expertly dismantles the straw man. In part, she says, "A BART strike is undoubtedly inconvenient for a lot of people, including me, who has never made close to the kinds of wages the striking workers make. But all of us have a vested interest in labor holding on to any scrap of power it may have left if we ever hope to be able to lobby on our own behalves in the nearly unionless future."

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