There are probably plenty of Halloween parties in your Facebook events section, assuming you have festive friends. But we'd like to point everyone to what will likely be a fun and flashy event back at the scene of Juanita More's big annual Pride party, Jones (620 Jones Street). It's being dubbed Halloween Runway Massacre, and it will involve a ghoulish/fashion-y midnight runway show with $3,000 in cash and prizes at stake.

The fun starts at 9 p.m. on Saturday, October 26, and goes 'til 2 a.m., and will likely feature a bevvy of heavily styled ladies and gays who've spent weeks planning, sewing, and practicing their makeup for the occasion. So yes, it will be a scene.

You're probably best off giving some "Dead Donatella Versace" or "Undead Leigh Bowery" at this party, but you'll probably also get away with something high concept and minimal, like, say, "My Squandered Youth" or "Donna Karan On Heroin." Or just body paint.

Music will be provided by Go Bang and DJ Robert Jeffrey, and tickets are $25. There may be some available at the door but if you want to be sure, bring some cash to Sui Generis (2231 Market Street), where they're now available.