It's a little creepy, sure, but in our age of late-night TV like Ghost Hunters and My Ghost Story there are obviously plenty of you out there who believe in ghosts. And now you can find out whether someone died long ago in your charming Victorian, and what their name was, via

For a mere $11.99, you can find out whether someone was murdered, or committed suicide, or otherwise croaked in your bedroom. And this might be especially helpful for people looking to buy a house, just to have some peace of mind that nothing violent or traumatic occurred there — because real estate brokers aren't always going to want to tell you, and they aren't necessarily required to do so. (Deaths on a property only have to be disclosed under California law if they happened in the last three years prior to a sale.)

So, yes, if there was a grisly mass murder, or just a sad, prolonged decline by an elderly person who now haunts your attic, you can find out for yourself with a few clicks! God bless the internet.