Today's BART strike prompted lots of fuss from the media, anguish on Twitter, and even a petition for a ban on BART strikes altogether. More importantly, many commuters are pissed. Rightfully so. Folks got up before dawn on Friday just to endured traffic on roadways, while workers for the region's largest transit system walked off the job for the second time in four months.

The Chronicle has more:

Among those who rode the bus was Roberto Lu-Flores, 44, of Oakland, a banker who just found a job after being unemployed for seven months. He said he couldn't be late for an 8 a.m. conference call.

"It's still that new mentality - you're still trying to prove yourself, that you're diligent," he said.

He had no sympathy for the striking BART workers. "They're probably making more than I am," he said. "We're all trying to get to our jobs, and they're preventing us. They have jobs." A handful of strikers were walking a picket line at the West Oakland station. One of them, 19-year train operator Will Adams, said, "We don't ever look forward to striking. We would prefer to be at work. We've got children in school like everyone else."

Here are some images of BART Strike Day 1.

Prepare for a sluggish commute this evening. If the strike continues over the weekend, BART will offer limited service to and from San Francisco from the same nine stations via bus. For more details, go to

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